Donation Pick-ups!

80% of what Americans throw away can be recycled or upcycled!
At O'Brien Property Services we are committed to help us reduce our junk by recycling and donating everything that we can. We offer discounted rates for mostly donatable item pick ups.

How do I schedule?What is a donatable item?
Contact us for a free estimate. We pick the donations up and bring them to the nearest donation centerItems must be clean and in functional condition. Furniture, appliances, clothing, shoes, toys, bikes, semi-current electronics, media, pots/pans, dishes and so much more!
Where do the items go?What can't be donated?
Local donation centers like Salvation Army. We also get personal and use social media to donate hard to donate items or to find families that need the items. We keep tabs on local tragedies like fires and other life events and donate as much as we can right to the hands of people in need.Used mattresses/box springs, heavily used/worn items or anything broken. Cosmetic issues are okay. No heavily stained and or smelly items. Items must be in clean functional condition. Moderate wear and small stains are okay!

We are always looking for more places to donate and more ways to help

Recycling Efforts

We offer discounted rates for mostly recycling loads.

How do I recycle?What is recyclable?
Easy, give us a call for your free estimate and we will pick it up. If your load is mostly recycling we will give you a discount.
  • Certain bottles and containers
  • Flexible plastic bottles and containers
  • Kids pools
  • Metal (Cans, small electronics, pots/pans)
  • Cardboard and Paper

Our Scrap Promise

We recycle all the metal we can. From fingernail clippers to cars. To do this we are required to separate and prep the items. Batteries get removed, fuel/oil drained and we remove as much plastic waste as we can. As this process takes time, we do not offer free metal removal but we do offer discounts on full metal loads. We do offer free pick up for loads mostly containing brass, copper or copper wire.

What Counts as Metal?

Electronics with a cord or removable batteries, lawn equipment, tools, auto parts, silverware, metal dishes, pots pans, racks, metal chairs, stools, saws, metal cribs, pack and plays, strollers, swings, solid iron weight equipment, benches, home gyms, file cabinets and so much more.