Say Goodbye to Your Junk Problem

Ask us for residential or commercial junk removal services in Lisbon, ME and surrounding areas

When junk starts to pile up, it can feel like you'll never be able to get rid of it all. Luckily, O'Brien Property Services is here to help. We offer residential and commercial junk removal services in the Lisbon, ME and surrounding areas. Whether you need furniture removal services or appliance removal services, you won't have to wait long for us to get rid of your junk.

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See what we can remove

Our junk removal services cover a wide range of items. For example, we can handle your:

Clean Outs: Garage, Basement, Sheds

Are your storage spots getting out of hand? We all have them. Let us help! Our team will remove the unwanted junk from any area.

Real Estate + Rental Clean outs:

Are you a realtor, property manager or buying/selling a home? We offer full service clean outs. We work with a large network of realtors and property managers. We are dedicated to getting your property ready for the market while saving you time and money in the process.

Commercial Weekly Trash:

We offer weekly trash pick-up to commercial and large residential properties in the Lewiston and Auburn area

Appliance Removal:

Refrigerators, Washing machines, Dryers, Dish washers, A/C Units, Ovens, TV's and more. We take them all!

Large/Bulky Items:

We can remove large, heavy and bulky items that are too heavy for you to lift or too big to fit in your vehicle. Items like mattresses, fitness equipment, pools, pool liners, furniture and much more.

Special Care Services/Hoarding:

We are trained and equipped to handle special and complex junk removal. We understand the emotional components associated with items we call junk. Our team handles these cases with the utmost care and respect for all parties involved.

Construction Debris:

Contractors and renovators can use our services to save time and money. We can haul your debris for you, saving you unnecessary trips to the dump. We take mixed C&D loads, wood, drywall, concrete, toilets, showers, plumbing materials, paint and more. Sorry, No asbestos!

Hot tub removal:

Drain the water, disconnect the power and we do the rest!

Brush Removal:

Downed trees, cleared areas, or pruning piles. We can take it all. We also offer chipping service if you'lkd prefer to keep the chips!

Piano Removal:

Pianos can be beautiful and great to play. Sometimes they wear out, they become eye sores and take up too much space. Call us and we will haul it away!

Scrap metal:

We offer discounted rates for hauling full loads of mixed metal Pick-up loads of brass, copper or copper wire are free depending on area

Oil Tank and furnace removal:

Our professional junk removal team can take them! Oil tanks must be fully drained. Oil tanks and furnaces must be disconnected from home before breakdown and removal


We are trained and insured to demo buildings up to the size of a mobile home. To learn more, visit our demolition page

If you have a specific junk removal project in mind already, feel free to reach out to us today. We're happy to let you know if we can handle it for you.