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Are you moving and need help cleaning out the estate? Trying to increase curb appeal and need an old shed demolished? Are you planning to clean out the basement, garage or attic or maybe just need a single item hauled away? In either case, you'll want to call O'Brien Property Services. We offer junk removal and demolition services in Lisbon, ME and surrounding areas. Our junk removal and demolition contractors will help you clean up your property without any hassle.

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Why should you call a junk removal professional?

If your property is littered with unwanted junk, you'll want to call us. That's because we:

  • Can help you remove big, bulky and heavy items
  • Will speed up the clean up process substantially, saving you time
  • Make sure your items are disposed of property by recycling and donating

Don't try to take on your property cleanup project by yourself. Reach out to us today to schedule junk removal services.

Out with the old, in with the new

Getting rid of your junk or unwanted structure can allow you to do so much. You'll be able to:

  • Build something new in the cleared space
  • Enhance your curb appeal by removing old junk
  • Declutter and gain your space back

Whether you need us to serve as your demolition contractor or your junk removal contractor, we'll make sure you can achieve your goals.

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